STUDIO5 is an art group constituted by five young composers: Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Árpád Solti, Roland Szentpáli and András Gábor Virágh who have diverse views on life and use different musical languages in their compositions but their moral and artistic integrity binds them together. They lack stylistic prejudice and incorporate any musical tools on the highest aesthetic level. The most important goal of STUDIO5 is the creation of thematic, new music concerts that roots in European traditions. These thematic concerts establish a bridge between tradition and innovation, excellence and progression. STUDIO5 keeps focusing on integrating younger, Y and Z generations into Hungarian contemporary concert life. They want to participate in growing a society that appreciates the heritage of György Ligeti and György Kurtág, and to pass on a Hungarian tradition that became internationally known after Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály.



9 November 2020 7.00PM - Liszt Academy

Studio5: Ballet

Each year, the themed concerts of Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Árpád Solti, Roland Szentpáli and András Gábor Virágh, that is, STUDIO 5, organised in the Solti Hall serve a single purpose: to bring about the most natural relationship possible between the general public and contemporary music. This time they have selected contemporary dance as the tool to attain this objective. Its rhythm, nonverbal techniques, specific structure organized by time, are similar in many ways to the structure and expressive power of music. At this, their sixth themed recital, they intend to demonstrate that the relation of ballet, dance and music is as relevant and alive in the 21st century as the 18th century intertwining of French court ballet and opera, or the early 20th century collaboration between Stravinsky and the Diaghilev company. In this spirit, Noémi Kulcsár, Harangozó Gyula Prize-winning dancer, has prepared choreographies for the premières in Hungary of the programme with the assistance of students of the Hungarian Dance Academy.


Studio5 composers' night
19 February 2017
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21 October 2017
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23 February 2018
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Marble hall concert
2 May 2018
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Dániel Varró and Studio5
7 October 2018
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9 March 2019
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17 October 2020
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